Being a highly empathetic fella my biggest passion was and always will be people.

Usually, I operate right in the middle between people, technology, and businesses, trying to make them all agree on something desirable, feasible and viable. Lately, I’ve finished Hyper Island MA program in Digital Experience Design in Manchester, UK and now researching the topic of psychological safety on workplace trying to connect my passion and knowledge from psychology, experience design and facilitation.

My journey began in 2005 when I sold my first design project to online community while still studying at school. Since then it was clear for me to become a designer. In more then 10 years of my career I’ve worked in production studios, advertising agency, software development company and founded my own startup. I had an amazing opportunity to work with clients like BBC, NHS UK, Samsung, Leroy Merlin, Berghaus, LateRooms, RBE Group and many more.

I miraculously made it through my first university somehow and hold a Masters degree in Media-systems and Technologies.